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There will be one qualifying caber per class, as determined by relative experience of competitiors, to move on the the "Caber Event."

There will be 9 events:

  • Braemar Stone
  • Open Stone
  • HWFD (Heavy Weight For Distance)
  • LWFD (Light Weight for Distance
  • Light Hammer
  • Heavy Hammer
  • Caber
  • Sheaf Toss
  • WHF (Weight For Height

No spin allowed on WFH or Sheaf Toss

Saturday Classes: A, C, All Women's Classes (A/B/Masters)

Sunday Classes: B, <200, Masters 40-49, Masters 50+

Entry fee is $30 which covers water, tee shirt, and a Naughty Nurses' lunch.

The Athletic Directors reserve he right to place athletes int he appropriate class according to ability, age, and sex.

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated for any reasons. You will be ejected from the games, and your score void.

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Women's AWomen's CWomen's MastersMen's A'sMen's B'sMen's C'sMasters 40-49Masters 50+<200 lbs

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I make this release and waiver of claim with full knowledge of the hazards, dangers and inherent risks associated with Heavy Athletic Competition and by participating in the Wichita Highland Games & Celtic Festival. I expressly assume any and all risk of injury and property damage/loss.
I HEREBY, state that I have read all rules and regulations for competition and state that all the information entered on this form is true and valid, and I agree to abide by all rules and policies governing this competition.
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