Come lads wearing Highland coats, with musket, sword, pistol and dirk

— Laird of Clan Grant, 1703


Heavy Athletics

Scottish Arms


Caber Toss Axe Throw Foot Race
Stone Put Knife Throw
Scottish Hammer Spear Throw
Weight throw Border Raid
Sheaf Toss
Weight Over Bar

Not familiar with the events? Here’s some more information, and a few videos of the events!

Caber Toss:

The caber toss is a traditional Scottish athletic event practised at the Scottish Highland Games involving the tossing of a large wooden pole called a caber, similar to a telephone pole or power pole.

The object is not the distance of the throw, but rather to have the caber fall directly away from the thrower after landing. A perfect throw ends with the ‘top’ end nearest to the thrower and the ‘bottom’ end pointing exactly away. If the throw is not perfect, it is scored by viewing the caber as though it were the hour hand on a clock. A perfect toss is 12:00. A caber pointing to 11:00 would yield a better score than one pointing to 10:30 but would be the equivalent of 1:00. If the caber lands on its end and falls back towards the thrower, the score is lower than for any throw that falls away from the thrower but will be based upon the maximum vertical angle that the caber achieved (side-judging may involve a second judge.) An angle of 87° is better than 75°. Scoring depends on accuracy, and if the caber did not completely turn once, then it is based on the degree that it rose away from the ground.

— from WikiPedia Entry

Stone Put:

The Stone Put is similar to the more modernized shot put event – however, instead of a metal ball, the stone in a stone put is exactly that – stone.  Because of that, it tends to vary considerably in size and weight.  There are two different forms – the Braemer Stone version weighs between 20 to 26 pounds, and the athlete throws it from a unmoving position.  In Open Stone, the weight is lowered to around 16 pounds, and the athlete can use whatever form necessary to get more distance.

Scottish Hammer:

The Scottish Hammer throw is very similar to the Olympic hammer throw event.

Weight Throw:

The Weight Throw also known as the weight for distance event. There are actually two separate events, one using a light (28 lb for men and 14 lb for women) and the other a heavy (56 lb for men, 42 lb for masters men, and 28 lb for women) weight. The weights are made of metal and have a handle attached either directly or by means of a chain. The implement is thrown using one hand only, but otherwise using any technique. Usually a spinning technique is employed. The longest throw wins.

— from WikiPedia Entry

Sheaf Toss:

A bundle of straw (the sheaf) weighing 20 pounds (9 kg) for the men and 10 pounds (4.5 kg) for the women and wrapped in a burlap bag is tossed vertically with a pitchfork over a raised bar much like that used in pole vaulting. The progression and scoring of this event is similar to the Weight Over The Bar. There is significant debate among athletes as to whether the sheaf toss is in fact an authentic Highland event. Some argue it is actually a country fair event, but all agree that it is a great crowd pleaser.

— from WikiPedia Entry