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The progenitor of this ancient clan is alleged to be Nachtan Mor. The story is told that sometime during 685, a stranger brought a parcel of bones to the house of Nachtan. Nobody doubted his claim that they were the true relics of the apostle Andrew, least of all, Nachtan, whose recent conversion probably required an act of credulous faith. The stranger was allowed to build a shrine for the bones on the coast of Fife, and Scotland thus acquired its patron saint and the ultimate site for its first university.

In many countries the great historic families were seperated from the mass of the people, not so in Scotland. The pride of the Name has never depended on wealth or rank, and all the bearers of great Scottish names share alike in their ancient traditions.

It is this brotherhood within clan or name which transends religion and politics, class or status, success or failure, bringing as their natural right to all clansmen everywhere all the regal pride and historic color that so justly surronds your tartan.

May the faith of Nachtan rekindle our own faith as we remember our clan motto:


Years Attended: 2011


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