Clans Who Have Previously Attended The Wichita Highland Games & Celtic Festival

“Oh Danny boy the pipes are calling, the pipes are calling!”

We would be greatly honored to have representatives of your clan join us for the ThirdAnnual Wichita Highland Games & Celtic Festival. It is our goal to bring a taste of Scottish and Irish culture to the Wichita area and to showcase the beauty and rich heritage of the Celtic nations. As in the days of old we are passing the torch, so to speak, from clan to clan and it is our hope that you will join us in this celebration of Highland Glory and Celtic Pride.

This is a list of clans who have previously attended the Wichita Highland Games & Celtic Festival!


Show your pride!  Hit the ‘Like’ button on your clan (or your favorite clan) to show your pride for your heritage!  This is an informal contest – there’s no prize, just bragging rights.  Of course, bragging rights are still very important!

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