Welcome to the Games

Some say that the first recorded Highland Games originated with King Malcolm III of Scotland in the 11th century AD when the king summoned clansmen from all across the highlands and challanged them with a foot race to the peak of Craig Choinnich to determine who amongst them was the fastest and hardiest to be his royal messenger.

Others say that the games originated during the times of English occupation when the men of Scotland were forbidden to bear arms or train for war because the English feared a Scottish rebellion. The warlike Scots however found other ways to stay fit for battle instead, engaging in tests of strength, skill and stamina and thus the Highland Games were born.

Today the Highland Games are done for fun and sportsmanlike competition between amateur and professionals alike as well as for a deep love of Scottish culture and tradition. Throw in food, drink, crafters, music, entertainment and good old fashioned family fun and you have our vision of the First Annual Wichita Highland Games and Scottish Festival – a celebration of all things Scottish, Irish and Celtic! See you there!

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